Are your kisses even real

Are they meant to make me feel this way

Or does your kiss mean more to me

than you truly intended?

Your little pecks on my nose

while I’m laying next to you,

resting my head on your chest –

although physically spent,

the fire inside me

only half extinguished.

Your kiss on my forehead

when I’m looking into my phone;

Your preference for my lower lip

while we’re undressing in haste.

Your gentle bite on my neck

In our frenzied passion.

Your wonderfully wet exploration

of the valley between my breasts.

Maybe your lips say what your words never do

or maybe ( but I’m pretty sure )

your kisses don’t mean anything at all.



“Do you like it rough?”, his whiskey tinged voice whispered into my ear when our make out session began to get hot and heavy. “Mmm hmm”, I moaned and nodded in tortured anticipation. He bit my lip, hard, and the pain was incredibly sweet and sharp amidst the cloud of pleasure. He pushed me against the wall, holding my wrists down above my head. I stared at him through smokey heavy lidded eyes, in mock anger and playfully wriggled against his constraint. He held them in place with a tighter grip and with his other hand, yanked my panties down and began to finger me. I was already wet and almost screamed when he touched me, dying to run my hands all over his body. 

draw me a bath

I had the most exhausting day that just seemed to never end so the minute I got home, I poured myself a large glass of wine and drew a hot bath. I peeled my work clothes off, pinned my long hair up into a loose bun and sank into the misty lavender- scented water. I could feel my tension lifting almost immediately as the heat soothed my muscles while the wine warmed my insides. I rested my head onto the wall behind me and closed my eyes. I hadn’t realised I fell asleep until he woke me. “Baby, get out of the water. It’s gone cold”, he said, holding out a fluffy towel. As I stepped out of the water I caught him take a long look at my wet naked body before he wrapped it around me and pulled me close, rubbing my shoulders to warm me up. When I looked up, he smiled and kissed the tip of my nose before he led me out. I let my hair down and went straight to bed, and watched as he undressed in silence. When he was done, he came straight for me, with a look in his eye that made my heart throb in my ears. I was equally hungry for him, and when he snuck his head beneath the covers and positioned himself between my legs, I laid back to enjoy the onslaught of pleasure that I knew was to follow. 


Every day that I’m not with you

I’m a step closer to finding you 

the calmness in my voice

the gentleness in my touch 

all addressed to a lover,

yet undiscovered

Each rose I stop to admire

Each pause between sips of coffee 

Each time I’m still but everything’s spinning

 is universe teaching me to be patient

Every person I meet with kindness 

Every dawn I’m up to watch the sunrise 

Every kink in my not so perfect day

Is my growing into someone you deserve 

Every sigh into the lonely darkness 

Every moan dampened by my pillow 

Every delirious dream of pleasure

Is an ode to my longing for you

and my very existence a love-letter


I yearn for an endless passion to take me over

A fierce intensity washing over me in a plunging unruly wave

I crave lovers unknown in an almost selfish fervor 

Creating urges in me that are alien and yet undiscovered 

And in my naïveté I believe that reality will parallel fantasy 

I long for the deliciousness of being desired

I long for the comfort of a musky muscled cage

I long for that potent surge of chemicals flooding my brain 

The single experience that will annihilate every living thought in my head;

And will leave me wanting everything and needing nothing else


She leaned into him for support
As he moved with a greater ardour
She hooked her arms around his neck
While he buried his nose in her hair
His palms pressed into her back, searing her soft skin
She arched her spine backward in a delicious curve
His hips gyrated in an ancient rhythm
Her legs clenched tighter around him
She kissed his lips deeply, lost in sensation
Her eyes closed and swimming in darkness
While his hands slid up to her waist and pulled her closer
They reached their summit in a frenzy
Their souls colliding with a deep fervour
As the primitive energy flooded their very being
And faded in a burst of brilliance
Like glittery stardust sprinkled on a galaxy

shower thoughts 

I stepped into the steaming shower and let the soothing heat wash away my thoughts. I didn’t hear him come in but I was pleasantly surprised when I heard his voice. ‘Hey baby.’ He put his arms around me and ran his hands over my wet skin, down the arch of my back and stopped at my ass. I moaned and began kissing him, open mouthed, the salty water melding with the taste. ‘Fuck me hard’, I whispered, and he was quick to react. He turned my body around in a forceful but controlled push and bent me over. I leaned my elbows onto the tile and arched my back, my heart beating in my throat. When he entered me, in the most deliberate of movements, I almost cried out. He placed his hands my waist, his fingers digging into my soft flesh, as he began to thrust in strong, timed strokes, the water falling soft where our bodies joined. He reached over with one of his hands to apply the gentlest of pressure between my legs, in synchrony with each plunge. I closed my eyes and let the physical pleasure take me over, and let myself come. He came soon after, and stilled while he held onto me tight. I straightened up, my back now apposed against the length of him, and we stood in the quiet water together. I could stay there forever, while he lazily kissed the back of my neck and shoulders, his arms surrounding me. My mind was clear now, and relaxed, but I felt the tears overtake me and eventually wash down the drain.